Review – Gypsy Wulff

This documentary is a broad and powerful insight into the claims of mankind as being superior to all other life forms. It not only challenges these claims but asks us to look honestly at the consequences of our humanocentricity.

In this film a master artist reveals the many coloured facets of our reasoning for such claims thereby revealing an astonishing array of little known facts. It would be hard for any person NOT to be challenged by the basic and proven truths found in this visual smorgasbord.

Written and directed by Samuel McAnallen and produced by Dr Jenia Meng, The Superior Human? enables everyone to look into the long held belief systems which have produced untold suffering for all species on the planet through weaponry and environmental ignorance.

With a touch of satire and a depth of solid research McAnallen examines eighteen basic reasons why humans consider themselves superior and then systematically debunks the human conditioning that brought them about in the first place. We are brought to the sobering conclusion that we are not as clever as we may think.

Informative and with wonderful contributions by Animal Rights Activists, Dr Bernard Rollins, Dr Richard Ryder, Gary Yourofsky and Dr Steven Best, The Superior Human? is in my opinion, thought provoking in an extremely practical way and essential viewing.

I highly recommend it.

Gypsy Wulff, Author of Turning Points in Compassion